The Tallinn Beer Scene is Hotting Up

The beer has always played a very big role in the history of Tallinn. However, for lovers of craft beer, Estonia has been a bit of a wasteland in recent times. The big breweries have been churning out mass-produced beers that aren’t much different from any other mainstream beers around the world. Thankfully, all that seems to be changing, and it is now possible to get a range of craft beers in pubs, bars, and cafes across Tallinn.

The local leaders of this beer revolution are a small but growing brewery called Põhjala. The only criticism that we can level at the gang from Põhjala at present is the fact that they can’t seem to produce enough of their magnificent brews. However, given that they’re building new brewing facilities, they should soon be able to make enough of their fantastic beer to keep locals and tourists alike happy. Their beers were recently selected in the top 100 on the Rate Beer website, so you may find them turning up in your hometown in the future. But for now, head to Pudel or Drink Bar, and hope that they have some in stock.

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