What is Tallinn Kalamaja?

If you have done a bit of research about a visit to Tallinn, then you will probably have read about Kalamaja, and lots of suggestions to go out and see it.

You may be wondering what exactly Kalamaja is, and how the heck is it pronounced! (Ka-la-my-a)

Kalamaja means Fish House, and for most of its history, it has been a sleepy fishing village of little consequence.

However, the arrival of the railway and industry in the late 19th century saw the constructions of hundreds of wooden houses for workers for which Kalamaja is now famous.

Kalamaja became run-down and depressed during Soviet times, but a few years back artists, students, and other assorted hipsters began moving in.

Dilapidated wooden houses are being renovated to their former glory and ugly industrial sites are becoming cool bars and restaurants.

Kalamaja is now Tallinn’s bohemian hangout, and well worth a visit as an antidote to the medieval Disneyfication of the Old Town. It is changing all the time and is a really interesting place to visit.

Check out bars like Pudel and Tops, restaurants like F-Hoone and Moon and cafes like Kukeke and Boheem.

Of course, the best way to see it is on EstAdventures private tour. Come with us and really get to know Tallinn’s most exciting suburb.

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