Communist Stories of Tallinn

This tour will dish out the history and politics, but will also give you real-life tales from locals about what it was like to live in Communist Tallinn. Some of the stories will shock you, some are so absurd they will make you laugh!

Join us on a 2-hour English language guided tour through the Old Town and into the cool harbor area, and learn more about our communist history. Our guides won’t cover overly dates & figures, rather than we focus on stories and legends that will bring the city alive for each participant!

Our local storytellers are keeping things honest, simple & fun!

This tour includes:

  • Sõprus building
  • Harju Street
  • Writers building
  • KGB HQ
  • City Hall
  • Viru Hotel


BOOKING & PRICES, +37258027584

TIMESat, Sun at 13.30
STARTNiguliste 2
PRICEbooking needed, +372 580 27 584

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